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Introduction to Inmate Living Care

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photo:Picture of labor operations in the kitchen site


1Each adult inmate has a monthly budget of NT$2,000 for food and each juvenile inmate has a monthly budget of NT$2,400 for food.

2Non-staple food for inmates is from the combined purchase of all prisons in Hualien to effectively reduce purchase price. When the food is delivered by suppliers, the responsible staff is accompanied by inmate representatives and government ethics office and accounting office personnel to check if the delivery’s quantity and quality meet requirements.

3In order to find a balance between quantity and quality and give consideration to both health and nutrition, inmate representatives and related personnel come together to form a meal improvement group, and hold a conference every month for inmates to provide their opinions on meals.

4Breakfast for inmates is currently an assortment of steamed buns, soybean milk, or rice porridge; lunch and dinner are in the form of three dishes and one soup. Each meal is checked by the director and then sent to the reception room for display, allowing family members to know what the inmates are eating.

5Dishes of each meal are announced three days in advance; ice deserts are provided once to twice a week during summer.

6Kitchen site sanitation management: The kitchen site’s doors and windows all have air doors or screens to prevent bugs from entering. The operation environment is improved by anti-slip bricks and stainless steel drains.

7A vegetable cutting machines, steamed bun machine, soymilk machine, and ice machine was purchased for inmates have cleaner and tastier meals.


From the budget approved for inmate clothing, shirts, undershirts, and shorts given to inmates during summer and jackets, shirts, trousers, and sweat shirts given to inmates during winter are enough for their everyday needs.


1Each ward has an exhaust fan and electric fan, hallways have draft fans, and bed quilts, mattresses, and blankets are provided during the cold.

2Each worksite has one or more large TV sets that have cable for inmates to have diverse program selections.

3Each worksite and ward has a broadcasting system that broadcasts soft music or programs rich with educational meaning according to schedule each day.

4Steam is delivered to each worksite and ward during winter for inmates to take hot water showers.

5A new drinking water system was installed to deliver drinking water to each ward.



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