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Hualien Detention Center Service Directory

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Hualien Detention Center Service Directory

  1. Introduction.
    Convenience – Service – Effect – Working Goals
    To provide for this generation, we have lifted our standards and quality to comply with every ones satisfaction. We will work to satisfy all of government and meet these specific needs in society. We welcome all your ideas, suggestions and encouragement, for this will help us to do a better service for you.
  2. What is our Detention Center service for the Hualien area?
    We work in many ways to help prisoners to obtain, trade education, medical and health service, drug-rehabilitation, parole assistance, oversee prisoners living needs, and youth detention.
    These services are also directed for prisoners who are awaiting trial and or coordination for Hualien Prison facility transfer needs. Through the operation of these services we expect individual prisoners to have a positive help and effective change for their life.
  3. Hualien Detention Center Services.
    •  Assist in providing visitors with a service window for receiving money, food etc. for residing prisoners use.
    • Assist in providing prisoners with a Jail resident Certificate.
    • Provide application for personal Case handling.
    • Other etc.
  4. Service Standards Outline.
    • To provide quick, positive and kind service to help with visitation procedures.
    • To provide Immediate service for application.
    • Personal Case handling application can be made by Telephone, or by written correspondence. If within three days we are not able to provide a definite answer we will contact applicant by phone to give report on present situation. Then after necessary adjustments have been made, within one week a formal reply will be made.
    • Immediate service will be provided for other requests and applications.
  5. Convenient Service for Visitors.
    • Increase quality of visitation service. 
      • A simple form is provided the visitor for leaving money, food etc. for the residing prisoners use.
      • For first time visitation by family members, a Taiwan Identification Card must beprovided for application to visit. Afterwards when visiting other types of identification will be sufficient.
      • For Fiancee visitation; inmates who have recently entered for either drug-rehabilitation or waiting on sentencing, application procedures are as follows. Applicant must provide proper Identification, provide address verification with statement from neighborhood chief, and a letter of agreement from both families parents giving permission for visitation.
      • Special telephone privileges for inmates can be applied for ( with the exception of restrictions made by court officials or other authorities) for the following situations:
        • For family members who have become seriously ill.
        • For family who have been affected by serious storms, earthquakes, etc.
        • For family who live great distances away from the jail, with physical disabilities,or poverty conditions.
        • For other emergency situations with explanation from family.
      • Inmates who have physical disabilities, visitation by closed circuit TV will be provided.
      • For those families of our inmates living in remote areas and unavailable weekdays, we specially offer a service of visits with our inmates on the first Monday in every month.
      • For those families of our inmates living in remote areas, we consider their inconvenience to come all the long way to visit the inmates. We especially offer a service of long-distance meetings in their local correction institution.
      • A special waiting room is provided for visiting guests, furnished with chairs, tables for writing, public telephone, magazines and other reading materials.
      • For filling out visitation forms a sample form is provided with explanation. Those who have trouble reading and writing help will be provided by jail officials present.
      • For visitors convenience, ample parking facilities are provided with beautiful flower Arrangements.
      • A 27-inch TV set is installed in the waiting room, so families can watch TV while waiting. In a bathroom and baby bed are there for mothers to change their babies’ diapers. In addition, there are safety seats for babies. We offer top convenience for visiting families.
      • Signs present concerning Jail procedures;
        • Administration procedures
        • Announcements of special holidays that will affect normal visiting hours.
        • Providing contact information for the Ministry of Justice and appropriate offices for questions you may have concerning Jail operations.
      • For those defendants who are not allowed to meet their families or friends, or to correspond, we will inform their family of it by phone or by sending official letters. Once the restriction on meetings is lifted, we will also inform them by phone or by mail.
      • A special counter and window is provided for visitors who want to leave food, drinks, or money to residing inmates. Officers present will offer necessary assistance.
    • Procedures for sending packages to inmates. Prisoner must fill out request form from Jail Officials concerning items desired to be sent them, and from whom will these things be sent.Upon Jail officials approval the returned authorized form must be sent by the prisoner to those who will be sending the items requested. If upon inspection other items are found that were not authorized, those items will be sent back to sender at the prisoners expense.
    • Verification of in Jail residence.The request forms can be filled out by the inmate personally. The family can come to the Jail business office and fill out the request form there. Or application can be made on the Internet at the following Jail service web site: http://www.hld.moj.gov.tw
    • Medical needs in Jail made easy. If necessary for inmates to see a doctor, application can be made for personal visitation while in Jail. 
    • For the Taiwan three most important Holidays; Spring Festival, Full Moon Festival, and the Dragon Boat Festival , the Jail policies for inmates are as follows. Adults will be given free phone call privileges for a period of time before each Holiday. For the youth in detention arrangements will be made for open family visitation within the Jail facilities.
    • Within the surrounding Jail neighborhoods, application can be made for social services like cleaning and beautification for Parks and streets. To promote for friendly relations.
    • Visitation waiting area. There is provided for visitors a Suggestion Letter box, and a Direct line Telephone to the Ministry of Justice for your convenience.
  6. Normal Daily Office Hours.
    • Administration 
      •   Monday – Friday

                        Mornings: 08:00 to 12:00 noon
                        Afternoon: 13:30 to 17:30pm

    • Visitation
      • Monday – Friday
                       Mornings: 08:30 to 11:30am ( applications taken only till 11:00am )
                       Afternoon: 13:30 to 16:30pm ( applications taken only till 16:00pm )
    • The above visitation hours also apply for the first Sunday of each month.
      For Holiday hours the schedule will be posted at an early appropriate time.
  7. Our Promise to You.
    • To continue to improve our administration procedures and provide more effective service.
    • To use equal methods in the handling of large or small matters. We will use positive attitudes to help those concerned to solve their problems.
    • To use strict training for our employees that they may have a clear understanding of legal procedures, to be more effective in their work so that those concerned will be satisfied in a quick and orderly manner.
    • To pay close attention to each individual in order to effectively understandthe heart of each person and provide the help necessary for each case.
    • When analyzing any individual situation, we will look at both sides of the problem. If the requests are reasonable then we will cooperate in the solution.If the requests are not reasonable then a clear explanation will be provided for concerning our decision.
  8. If there are any complaints concerning any area of our service please let us know and we will do our best to make corrections. If you have any suggestions or ideas that can help to better our service to you, please feel free to contact us.

Our address is as follows: Hualien City, Meilun, Rz Hsin Kang #1.
Telephone: (03) 8227252 and 8227253
E-mail: < hldmail@mail.moj.gov.tw >

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