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Processing service

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  • Last updated:2021-12-01
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The Institute provides training for inmates to train them to make a living and develop hard-working habits so that they can adapt to social life after their release from the Institute.

  1. The Institute has two workshops (each about 60 pings) with a total workforce of about 70 people, and can provide easy processing service for artwork, paper products, toys, electronic parts or plastic products charged by vendors.
  2. Our facility is well-equipped, with sufficient water and electricity supply, strict operation management and quality control, and we cooperate with vendors and deliver goods on time. The staff is enthusiastic in service, and transportation is convenient by land, sea and air (about 10 minutes from Hualien Railway Station, Hualien Port, and Hualien Airport), and we welcome vendors to charge us with the processing service.
  3. Procedures for vendors to apply for our processing service
    • Application:
      Please contact our operation instructor at 03-8227259 or (03) 8227252 ext. 231
    • Processing work evaluation and trial run:
      After understanding the operation method and evaluating materials, our workshop will conduct a trial run on the processing work and evaluate the operational capacity according to the difficulty and quantity of finished products.
    • Processing result evaluation and contract signing:
      After trial run, our evaluation committee and the vendor will determine the unit price of the processing work and agree on the terms of cooperation between the two parties, and then formally sign a written contract to protect the rights and interests of both parties.

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