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Structure and Tasks

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Our center belongs to  Agency of Corrections,Ministry of Justice.  There is one Director who manages and controls all the important matters of the center. A secretary helps the Director handle follow-ups and file official documents. The center has three sections: Guard and Protection Section, General Affairs Section and Sanitation and Health Section; it has three offices: Personnel Office, Accounting Office,  and Government Ethics Office; and it has other units. They each handle their own business. The chiefs of all sections and offices organize a Center Affairs Committee.

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  1. Security of the detention center and protection of defendants
  2. Management of door keys
  3. Training and duty distribution of controllers
  4. Use, practice and maintenance of weapons, guarding tools, fire emergency equipment, communication equipments and surveillance systems
  5. Defendant’s eating, clothing, sleeping, and distribution and maintenance of daily supply
  6. Execution of cleaning and other sanitation and health matters
  7. Handling correspondence and delivered goods
  8. Implementing defendant’s awards and sanctions
  9. Escort of defendants and pursuit of escapers
  10. Supervision and management of workshops and wards as well as physical inspections of personal items
  11. Other security and protection matters

The following counseling matters handled by Guard and Control Section as follows:

  1. Investigation of the entry of defendants
  2. Living counsel of defendants
  3. Evaluations of defendants’ behavior and personalities
  4. Holding cultural, leisure and physical activities for defendants
  5. Reading management of newspapers and books, as well as of the publications of the center.
  6. Other counseling issues

Operation assisted by Guard and Control Section:

  1. Operation of guidance and skill training programmes
  2. Choices of operation categories and layouts of operation plans
  3. Purchases, expenses, and maintenance of operational materials
  4. Setting operational schedules, evaluations and work payments
  5. Operational distribution and changes
  6. Devising operation contracts
  7. Purchases, expenses, maintenance, inspections and fixing of operation machinery
  8. Evaluations, sales and safekeeping of finished products
  9. Management of disposition and examination of working staff
  10. Other matters related to operations

task of sanitation and health section

  1. Sanitation and health plans, equipment, and guidance in our centre
  2. Prevention of epidemics
  3. Health checks for defendants
  4. Medical treatment of defendants
  5. Management of sick wards
  6. Management of medical prescriptions, storage and medical equipment
  7. Prevention of drug abuse; relevant counseling matters
  8. Informing of diseases or deaths of defendants
  9. Other matters of sanitation and health

task of general affairs section

  1. Handling the receiving, delivering, drafting and maintenance of documents
  2. Management of safekeeping of official seals
  3. Management of regular expenses and inputs and outputs of money
  4. Fixing and maintaining matters of the buildings
  5. Arrival and discharge of defendants
  6. Paperwork concerning ID cards, photos and fingerprints of defendants
  7. Control and maintenance of personal effects
  8. Expenses, maintenance, calculation and statement of the food supplies of defendants
  9. Other matters not dealt with by other sections.

The business of General Section comprises general affairs, supply, name books, maintenance, property, cashier, receiving and delivering letters, driving, workers and so on. There are officials in charge.

task of personnel office

  1. Management and reports of staff employment, dismissal and promotion
  2. Drafting proposals of awards and sanctions
  3. Evaluating time sheets and performance of staff
  4. Holding relevant training and refresher courses.

tasks of accounting office

  1. Managing all accounting affairs of the center
  2. Organizing rough estimates, budgets, and final financial statements
  3. Organizing accounting receipts, booklets, reports
  4. Other matters related to accounting affairs and internal evaluations.

tasks of government ethics office

  1. Management and promotions of the policies and regulations of government ethics
  2. Prevention, discovery and whistle-blowing of corrupt officials and illegal acts
  3. Suggestions related to government ethics reform
  4. Suggestions related to awards and sanctions of staffs who promote or violate government ethics
  5. Safekeeping confidential official information of our center
  6. Prevention of damages or destructions, as well as the registration of civil servants’ property
  7. Other matters related to government ethics
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