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Medical Healthcare

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  • Last updated:2022-07-27
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Prevention and Healthcare

1、All new inmates are subject to health examination; sick inmates will receive treatment from outpatient services and proper care.

2、For contagious disease prevention, blood tests for AIDS and syphilis and chest X-ray examinations will be performed each month; also, inmates will be vaccinated against the flu by the Department of Health every December.

3、To help inmates establish correct concepts of drug prevention and treatment as well as disease prevention, social resources are utilized to educate and guide them in healthcare and AIDS prevention and treatment.

Disease Diagnostic and Treatment

1、Our outpatient services include internal medicine, general medicine, psychiatry, and dental. Patients are attended to by doctors from Hua-lien Hospital, An-Tai Clinic, and Hsin-Chi Dental Clinic.

2、Different outpatient services are open Monday through Friday. In case of an emergency or severe condition, patients will be escorted to Hua-lien Hospital, Mennonite Christian Hospital, or Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital for further diagnostic and treatment, providing the best medical care for inmates.

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