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Penitentiary Security

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  • Last updated:2022-07-27
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Penitentiary security is the primary task of correctional institutions, which places equal emphasis on penitentiary management and enlightening training. In terms of inmate life management and disciplinary requirements, the Security Section takes a "humane" and caring perspective and implements the policy of "leniency in life care and strictness in disciplinary requirements" and constantly review and improve all the instructional measures and update security equipment to guide inmates to the path of rehabilitation on the basis of the secure prison.

The institution provides year-round education to enhance our staff's penitentiary knowledge of various types, instill new concepts of penitentiary management so that they will understand current criminal policies and laws and regulations in order to strengthen their instructional capability. In addition, we hold regular drills for escape prevention, fire fighting, violence prevention, and earthquake response every year to improve our staff's ability to respond to emergencies, and we also actively upgrade various security facilities, such as digital video surveillance systems, alarm systems, walkie-talkies, and metal detectors, to prevent incidents and maintain security.

  • In order to cooperate with the correctional policies of the Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice, to refine the professional skills of the penitentiary staff and strengthen their ability to deal with problems, monthly sectional meetings are held to review various issues of instructions and attendance, and resolutions are made to serve as guidelines for the execution of duties.

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  • We value the feedback from our inmates and have strengthened the two-way communication channels.

    We set up opinion boxes in each facility and hold regular review meetings to understand the needs of the inmates. In addition, regular interviews and random visits are conducted to provide the inmates with the opportunity to fully reflect their opinions as a reference for instruction so that their emotions can be channeled and their problems can be addressed or solved without causing penitentiary incidents.

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