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                                                                                                                                                Hualien Detention Center was legally established on July 1st, 1954 to detain 1st trial criminal defendants. The original site was on Jhongshan Rd., Hualien City. From 1965, the Hualien Provisional Court, Taiwan High Court, became a detention center for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trial criminal defendants. The amount of such traffic of defendants has been increasing. The old detention site was not large enough to hold the growing number of defendants. Thus in July of 1967, the Center was moved to No. 1, Rih Sin Gang, Hualien City. Its area is 11,292 square meters. In 1971, Taiwan Hualien Juvenile Detention House was founded. At the beginning, the detention center mixed adults and teenage defendants. In April 1984, the center completed the construction of juvenile detention houses. Since then adult and teenagers defendants have been separated. In September 1978, the Ministry of Justice helped solve the problem of the overcrowding of prisoners in Hualien Prison. Sticking to the principle of using no extra budget or personnel, our centre opened a branch prison. On August 1st, 1992, a detention center was opened. On April 16th, 1997, our center started to accept inmates in the process of appeals in Taitung Local Court and prisoners caught in the gang-crackdown operation and sentenced by the 2nd trail Hualien High Branch Court. On May 22nd, 1998, the center began to implement the ‘Drug Prevention and Control Act’ and was put in charge of observation and detention. Our officials take charge of all the relevant business.                                                


Map of center's location

  • Map of our center’s location

    Address: No. 1, Rih Sin Gang, Hualien City 1. By taxi, it takes about 15 minutes from Hualien Train Station to our center. 2. By taxi, it takes about 15 minutes from Hualien Airport to our center. 3. By car, for those who come from Hualien County, please take Linsen Road and then drive down all the way to Martyr’s Shrine. And afterward make a right turn on to Sinsing Road which leads to our center. 4. For those who come from other northern parts of Hualien City, please take Suao Hualien Highway via Taroko, Carrefour in Sincheng, and the gas station in Beipu. Then please make a right turn into Shangzih Road and also another turn into Sinshing Road. Soon you’ll arrive at the center. 5. For those who come from southern parts of Hualien City, please take No. 9 Highway in Taiwan to get to Hualien. Take Linsen Road and then drive down all the way to Martyr’s Shrine. And afterwards make a right turn into Sinsing Road which leads you to our center.




Contacts Service line: (03)8227252  Request of visits: (Office Hours) (03)8227252 ext. 223、(03)8227259 (Off-Office Hours) (03)8227259   Claiming Telephone Number:Guard and Control Section: (03)8227252 ext. 226、(03) 8227259General Affairs Section: (03)8237991 Whistle-Blowing Telephone Number: Government Ethics Office: (03)8222449  Sections/Offices Telephone Numbers: Director’s Office: (03)8225403 Secretary’s Office: (03)8227253 General Affairs Section: (03)8237991 Guard and Control Section: (03...

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