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Counseling, Edification and Education

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According to Article 1 of Law of Execution in Prison “The execution of commutation and imprisonment is meant for inmates to regret what they did and to improve themselves so as to get into the society again.” This article specifies “criminals at the end should return back to the society whence they have come.” Thus, the ultimate goal of correcting and guiding inmates is to help them get back into society and get used to normal social life again. Realizing the spirit of the laws with professionalism and good service, we sincerely hope that our inmates can come to lead a normal life in the society. This will be our final and great achievement. Undoubtedly, returning inmates into the society has been the most significant task for us. Now let us brief you as to the main policies of edification and education in our center, as follows.

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Individual education:

The targets of individual education are those inmates who violate the rules, who are not emotionally stable or who have extreme penalties. The purposes are to calm their emotions and correct their wrongdoing. They should become able to reflect on and change their wrong viewpoints, deviant behavior or brutality. The inmates can eventually repent and mend their ways, try to improve themselves and perform kind deeds.


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Religious education:

According to Article 38 of Law of Education in Prison, inmates are entitled to do their own religious practice such as church service, praying or other rites – so long as they can practice their religions under the condition that they do not disturb others or violate the rules and regulations of our center.


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Cultural and leisure activities:

There are 2 kinds of cultural and leisure activities in our center. We tend to promote suitable leisure activities for aiding the mental and physical health of our inmates. In activities, our inmates learn how to play in a team and develop sense of group identity and cooperation so that they get to find ways to build their personal relationships with others.


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Our center sticks to an open policy publicized by the transparent policy of the Ministry of Justice so that the public would know our significant prison-reform polices and good results. Meanwhile, inmates’ families can know what is going on in inmates’ lives in prison. As a result, more mutual understanding could hopefully be reached. We have been improving to offer good service for the public and build channels to achieve mutual communication and carry out transparent edification and education so as to realize the human rights of inmates. All of these goals are based on the idea that “clean and good governance gains people’strust.”





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Education about laws:

Our center invites professionals of laws. They come to give lectures to our inmates in a simple and easy-to-understand language, educating them with real cases in everyday life with good teaching materials. Inmates would acquire knowledge of laws and be aware of the punishments so that they won’t committee the same crimes and the public’s security can be better protected.


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Using social resources:

 Our center welcomes socially concerned groups or successful people to offer services to our inmates and assist them to have a job or career after leaving prison. We hope that they can also help them solve possible problems after inmates complete their imprisonment.







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