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Cultural and Leisure Activities

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picture:Cultural and Leisure Activities


Cultural and Leisure Activities
Our center promotes suitable leisure activities so that our inmates could balance themselves in physical and mental health. Meanwhile, they can develop team spirit. They will learn to abide by law and regulations. These entertaining activities are designed with educational purposes. Each month, we hold various kinds of cultural and leisure activities for our inmates.


picture:Static arts and cultural activities

Static arts and cultural activities:
Based on our cultural, arts and leisure competition plan, we arrange all kinds of competitions, such as calligraphy, composition, Chinese chess, etc .

picture:Speech Competitionpicture:Chinese Chess Games


picture:Dynamic cultural and leisure activities

Dynamic cultural and leisure activities:
Based on f our cultural, arts and leisure competition plan, we arrange all kinds of competitions such as basketball, pop songs and singing of country-love songs and so on.

picture:Sing Competitionpicture:Dynamic Cultural and Leisure Activities 


picture:study groups


Study groups:
We hope that inmates could get ideas of different living levels and conditions through reading. They thus learn to cultivate the virtues and their temperaments. They learn to open different dimensions of their lives. Through reading, they might be able to clarify their minds and thoughts and further develop active and optimistic attitudes toward life.

picture:Study Groupspicture:Speech


picture:Family-Visit Meetings


Family-Visit Meetings
Via the arrangement of family-visit meetings, we hope to see relationships between inmates and their families improve. Family members will interact with, learn about, and come to understand each other. Inmates can thus mature, and their lack of affection in childhood can perhaps be remedied. In consequence, inmates will hopefully become more reflective and change their attitudes to life. We hope to find that we make progress towards our goals in this activity.

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